Painter, poet, graphic artist
5.dec 1955
lives and works in Copenhagen
self taught

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Scholarships and grants (selected)

2014 Leo Estvad Foundation
2011 Marie og Johan Vilhelm Andersens Legat
2009 Autorkontoen, Danish Writers Association
2007 Art council of Denmark, working grant
2006 Anna Klindt Sørensen's Grant of Honour
2005 Ole Haslund's Grant of Honour
2004 Telmanyis' Grant of Honour
2003 Art council of Denmark, 3-year working grant
2002 Art council of Denmark, working grant
2001 Wilhelm Pachts´ Grant of honour
1999 Art council of Denmark, working grant
1999 Kunstnerfornden af 1973, grant of honour
1996 Henry Heerup´s grant of honour
1993 Silkeborg Kunstnerlegat, Travelling grant of honour
1991 Art council of Denmark, working grant
Travelling and working grants from the council of the Art Academy

Solo exhibitions (selected)

Clausens Kunsthandel Copenhagen 2013, 2008, 2005, 2002, 2001, 1998, 1996, 1993, 1991

Group exhibitions (selected)

"Interiør". With Anette Ørom. Himmerlands Kunstmuseum.
"Danish Ceramic", Fåborg Museum of Art

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